Forex trading times – double your success :)

All trading times especially in the forex market which are open 24 hours per day, are not created equal, and by knowing which forex trading times or hours have the best odds for movement in the currency market you can drastically improve your odds of success

Forex trading times

There are basically three different forex trading times you should be concerned about, and out of the three I would recommend trading only two if you can.

The Asian Market – 19H00 EST to 03H00 EST

Unless you live in Asian countries do not bother trading this session. Sometimes you get fairly good movement but rather trade the other two sessions where you almost always get some good moves in the market.

If you trade this session then only trade the JPY pairs like the USD/JPY, EUR/JPY as well as GBP/USD

The European Market – 03H00 EST- 11H00 EST

The European market is the biggest forex market and usually also the session where all the big movements will start. Around the London open at 03H00 EST you fairly always get a good movement, and many traders are very successful in trading just this session.

You should also be aware that Europe in particular the Frankfurt market opens an hour before the London market, and sometimes you will get a move in the European currency pairs that starts at this time.

The US Market – 8h00 EST to 16H00 EST

The US session centers on New York, and it is also a very profitable trading session. You should note that you will get overlap where both the European market as well as the US markets is open

Now – these three trading sessions covers 24 hours per day, and many forex traders make the big mistake of spending way too much time in front of their trading screens.

My advice should be to pick one session preferably the European or US sessions and trade for three hours per session and then you are done. Try to include the market opens [London or New York] in your trading session.

Good forex trading times would be:

03H00 – 6H00 EST or

8H00 – 11H00 EST

By trading these times your are maximizing your odds of being there when there is good movement in the forex market, and you will have plenty of good forex trading opportunities.

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