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forex strategies

Forex Strategies for trading with financial tools

The most popular Forex strategies for trading with financial tools, currency trading and gains from the difference in currency pairs. The experts have categorized a few main forex strategies in…

Advantages of Forex trading

Advantages of Forex trading

The advantages of forex trading are much more than its disadvantages. It is an investment method and a market that provides unlimited opportunities 365 days a year, 7 days a…

Forex Charts And Linear Regression

Forex Charts And Linear Regression

I understand that you might be looking for some inside information related to what is forex rsi or related to gain capital forex api, forex signal ranking or you are…

Forex Training

Forex Training – the Fundamentals of a Trade

Forex Training in the Fundamentals of a Trade A currency exchange rate is simply the ratio of one currency valued against another, therefore currencies are always traded in pairs ….

how to read forex charts

How to read forex charts ?

Forex Charts – how to read. • Currency traders are able to watch real-time movements in the market showing price and volume displayed on forex charts. • Although these charts…

Forex Trading - Analysis

Forex Trading – Analysis

Fundamental Analysis • Fundamental analysis, in forex trading strategy, considers economic and non-economic circumstances and events that affect the general sentiment of the market. • The “fundamentals” are considered causal…

What is the Forex Market

What is the Forex Market ?

• The FX or Forex Market is simply an acronym or shortened version of Foreign Exchange Market. • The foreign exchange market that we are involved with is also known…

History of Forex Trading

History of Forex Trading

The Foreign Exchange market, “FX or FOREX” as we know it today, originated in 1973 and is now known as the “Free Floating System”. However, money has been around in…


Throwbacks and Pullbacks in Forex Breakout Trading

In financial market, trading breakouts can often be a tricky ordeal. False or premature breaks are a common occurrence that can frustrate even the most dedicated foreign exchange traders. One higher…

auto forex trading

Automated Forex Trading: Does it work?

It is the dream of every forex trader out there – to have an automated forex trading system which you just turn on or activate, and it will make money for…